So Fréchu, triptych in situ, ink on paper, 3 × 4 m, view of the exhibition, 2007.

"La lune XVIII" from Mythographies serie, silkscreen in two colors, 594 × 841mm.

"Logorrhée Publique", lettering in acrylic painting, 150×200 mm, 2007.

Logorhée Publique France 2007

Logorhée Publique is an exhibition organized by Sainte-Machine in the CAPC Bordeaux, museum of contemporary art. This exhibition is as a part of exhibition cycle called Off Set and curated by Etienne Bernard. It presents the practices of ten graphic designers and illustrators native from the region of Bordeaux.

With Dellastrada, Cédric L’hoste, John Bobaxx, Fanny Garcia, Grems, Kolona, Moam, Jack Usine & Clément Lavedan.

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